About Us

Speak Up!” is an international movement created in response to the consistent repression of Russia’s emerging civil society by its government. We aim to unite all those rejecting the pervasive corruption, selective justice, media censorship and human rights violations that have become daily routine in Russia.
Enough talk has been done in the privacy of our homes! We now call on you to speak loud and clear!

The movement’s main goals are:

1. To unite and give a voice to Russian speakers outside Russia who are concerned about what takes place there. In Britain alone, there is an estimated 350,000 Russians and Russian-speakers. Their age, income and social status differs widely, but most of them have no practical means of making their views known to the Russian government. We are here to provide them with this opportunity.

2. To work with the public authorities of our host countries in order to change their attitude to their countries’ relations with Russia. Short-term financial benefit is no excuse for tolerating human rights abuses in the modern world. Our duty is to make sure this is remembered.

3. To draw public attention to the problems in Russia in our host countries. Much of Europe’s foreign policy is the result of insufficient information and awareness among its citizens. Our goal is to change this.

The first Russian civil rights movement in Western Europe calls you to finally raise your voices against the abuses in Russia! If you want to be heard, Speak Up!

We will be happy to receive your comments and reply all your questions.

Our e-mail: russiaspeakup (at) gmail.com


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